Greetings to all in Jesus’ name! We are excited at Crossroads to get our website going, and to be able to serve you in this special way.  It is our hope the Lord will minister to you today through this and make an impact for His kingdom.

Many have called Crossroads home, just walk through the front door and grab a cup of coffee, (reg or decaf, or tea)  and a doughnut and relax. Your with friends and thanks to what Christ accomplished for us on the cross, family. Open, caring, welcome.

    1. i need to speak with someone in setting up this webiste. also have questions regarding how much for a website that would just have our name on it, . additionally is the how does the domain work with this, i have a domain i’ve been paying for, but am prepared to let it go as the host for that domain is ceasing from working. if we went to just our name through you guys would we need that domain?

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