Welcome to Crossroads’s website! We would love to have you worship with us Sundays at 10:30 with both contemporary and traditional worship styles, and teaching on God’s word from Pastor Tim Cavallo. Look around and get to know us, we’ll be adding some blogs soon to encourage your growth in Jesus Christ.

Our Church Council

Sr. Pastor Tim Cavallo





Dewey King

Treasurer Joe Harlow








Judy Duley

Assistant Pastor Paul Irvin




We believe Jesus Christ is the son of God who came and died on the cross for our sins.  He rose again the third day, shattering the bonds of death that we may be forgiven and have fellowship again with God.

We also believe the bible is our standard for faith and conduct.

As an assembly of God church, we adhere to the sixteen fundamental truths of the Assemblies of God. You can click this link for information on them.

We believe in using our gifts and talents to serve God and one another. This is what it means to see love in action.


Our Primary Purpose

“If God’s primary purpose for the saved were loving fellowship, He would take believers immediately to heaven, where spiritual fellowship is perfect, unhindered by sin, disharmony, or loneliness. If His primary purpose for the saved were the learning of His Word, He would also take believers immediately to heaven, where His Word is perfectly known …

Hello world!

Greetings to all in Jesus’ name! We are excited at Crossroads to get our website going, and to be able to serve you in this special way.  It is our hope the Lord will minister to you today through this and make an impact for His kingdom. Many have called Crossroads home, just walk through …